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CASIC MOTOR understands that besides making good products, continuously providing reliable, high quality service is also crucial for the clients. So we always try to think from the clients¡¯ standpoint and find out how to sever them better. This service principle is applied in every part of our services, especially in the following area:

Cost Control: when designing and developing a new product for the client, our designing engineers not only think about design a motor which can meet the client¡¯s requirements, but also think about how to find the most appropriate materials to realize that design in production. In this way, the client¡¯s cost is reduced and their market competition ability is improved.
Logistic & Supply Chain Management: CASIC MOTOR has built and adopted an effective logistic operation and management system, the whole logistic process from material purchasing to shipment of finished product is covered, tracked and managed.
This system can help clients to know the status of their orders dynamically, real-timely and transparently so that they can arrange their business resources better, reduce storage, and accelerate capital turnover.
All in all, CASIC MOTOR¡¯s high quality logistic services helps our clients to better manage their supply chain and lower their cost, and finally assist them to achieve their strategic goals.
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